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These Heaters are used to warm inside of the Tents at high altitudes, to give maximum comfort to personnel, without any risk of suffocation from smoke or fuel gases, since the Heaters are designed and manufactured to ensure that no such fuel gases or smoke leaks into the tents but safely passes out of the tents via the chimney provided with the Heater.

It is manufactured in two models :
1. Coal Burning - using coal as fuel.
2. Oil Burning - using kerosene oil as fuel


The Skid Board 1500mm x 750mm x 12mm for Pratap (MI-8) Helicopter is used to supply/drop the food articles and other items from Helicopter to the troops located at Hills. .

Special Features
1. A moisture resistant Plywood to keep articles which is to be dropped at various locations.
2. Good quality Paint conforming to specification IS:8982
Size : 1500 mm x 750 mm
Technical features
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
    1. Plywood MR/AA type , 12 mm thick , 7-Ply
    2. Mild Steel Links
    3. Paint RFU War Equipment Air drying Brushing/spraying OG Scamic ISC no. 294
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