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The upper components of this boot are made from chrome tanned lea. Zuggrain and lined with vegetable tanned lining leather to give extra comfort to the user. The bottom part of the boot is made from leather as inner sole and rubber sole as outer bottom. The rubber sole is moulded by Direct Moulding Sole system and fixed with upper parts and no stitching is required.

It is quite comfortable boot and can be used by troops except infantry. It is lighter than leather sole boot and best used in cloudy weather.


High Ankle Boot DVS is an improved version of existing Boot Ankle DVS. The Boot has added features of Better Grip and Speed Lacing System. Anklet Web BD is not required along with this. High Ankle Boot DVS improved version shall meet all the requirements of existing version of Boot DVS. This Boot can be used in all type of terrains and seasons.

Technical Features:

  • Five numbers of Aluminium Passivated eyelets and four numbers of Brass Hooks have been provided for easy Donning
  • Ankle Height has been increased up to 220 mm for better protection to the user..
  • PU Foam Padding has been provided at the opening for better comfort and cushioning effect
  • Fabric Nylon 250 GMS Black PU Coated has been provided with PU foam for better comfort
  • Tape Nylon Thick 25 mm & 51 mm Black has been provided with Fabric for better Stiffening and Shape Retention

    Weight:Weight of one pair of size 8 is 1500 gms.

    Basic Materials:
    Upper Part
    Buff Chrome Tanned Plain Leather For toe cap and vamp portions
    Buff Chrome Tanned Zuggrain Leatherr For vamp, quarters and tongue portions
    Combination Tanned lining Leather For vamp lining
    Latex Foam 10 mm. For cushioning at neck/opening
    Fabric Nylon 250 GMS Black PU Coated For Ankle
    Bottom Part
    Buff Vegetable Tanned Sole Leather For insole, toe puff and stiffener
    Vulcanised Rubber through DMS system For sole and heel


    Shoe Black Leather Oxford DMS has been developed for Indian Airforce. This shoe has been made for general purpose and for performing ground duties.

    Technical Features:

  • To make it lighter, cellulose board (Texon) insole has been used in place of Buff Vegetable Tanned Sole Leather, which gives better flexibility and perspiration resistance.
  • Thermoplastic sheets have been used for Toe-Puff/Stiffener by replacing Buff Vegetable Tanned Sole Leather for better shape retention and lighter weight and eco friendly.
  • Thermoplastic sheets are impregnated with heat activated adhesives hence use of Portland Cement and Animal Glue is not required at toe and counter portions for hardening.

    Weight: Weight of one pair of size 8 is 900 gms.

    Basic Materials:
    Upper Part
    Buff Chrome Tanned Plain Leather For Upper
    Combination Tanned Lining Leather For Lining
    Heat Activated Thermoplastic Sheets For toe puff and stiffener
    Bottom Part
    Cellulose Board (Texon) For Insole
    Vulcanised Rubber through DMS system For sole and heel


    High Ankle Boot for Paratroopers has been specially designed for paratroopers. This Boot has added features of desired comfort, cushioning effect and Speed Lacing System.

    Weight of one pair of size 8 is 1570 gms

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