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Sleeping Bag is intended for use for a single person at high altitude in
extreme cold weather.

The weight of sleeping bag : 5 kgs

MATTRESS KAPOK (MK - 2) - Complete with Cover

It is used by the Jawans/Mountaineers to protect themselves in extremely cold and damp conditions as both sided rubberized cloth is stitched at the bottom.

  • Mattress consists of two parts i.e. Mattress Bagging made from Long Cloth White    (Bleached) and Kapok (Semul) is filled therein, quilted separately. Rubberized Fabric    Stitched/Tacked at the bottom. Cover made from Long Cloth Cotton Khaki, 18 Nos.    button holes are made in each side of cover to fix/attach to the mattress. Cover can    be replaced as and when desired.
  • It is being manufactured in two (Large & Small) sizes.
  • It is heavier in weight and the weight of one mattress is 2.5 Kg. + 100 gram (Large    size).
  • It is not adequate in moist & damp condition and becomes wet during use.
  • It is not comfortable for individual carriage due to its bulky shape.

  • NETS MOSQUITO ROUND - Mesh Poly Khaki F/R

    It is used for avoiding mosquitoes and main components are Roof and Wall, Bottom Patti, Reinforcement Tape and Stitching. 100% polyster fabric made from multifilament fibre yarn of 50 denier count.The knitted fabric used in body of net rendered with permanent flame retardant treatment with suitable chemicals.


  • Netting Mosquito Round Mesh Polyster Flame Retardant Khaki
  • Sewing Thread Spun Polyster, 125 Dtex X3 Khaki
  • Cotton Calico Khaki
  • Tape Newar Polyster 25 mm Khaki
  • Tape Polyster 13 mm Khaki

    This is used to avoid Mosquitoes insects while sleeping or rest.


    Cloth Cotton M.K. W.R. for Capes Water Proof 91 Cms (IS :2422 -1985) is used as main fabric in fabrication of Capes Water Proof Khaki with Hood.

    Capes Water Proof khaki with Hood are fabricated in 4 Sizes.


    The Chagul is made from Canvas Flax (Tow). The Chagul will withstand the test for water retention when filled with water and after soaking for 48 hours. It can be filled with 4000 ml of water. After an hour 90% of water will be remaining in the Chagul. The Chagul refilled and kept for 23 hours, will retain water up to 85% of the original volume.

    The Chagul is intended for keeping & carrying potable water.



    Main basic materials:
    1. Fabric Cotton Closely Woven 170 Gms Dual Shade W.R.
    2. Cotton Fabric Scoured 60 Gms For S.D. Parachute
    3. Rubberised Fabric For Tent Flooring
    This Tent consists of Fly outer, Inner & Ground Sheet. Fly outer is made from Cloth Fabric Cotton Closely Woven 170 Gms Dual Shade W.R.. This has One door & Three windows. This Fly is reversible and can
    be used in snow white areas at high altitude as well as Green vegetation terrains. Liner inner is made from Cotton Fabric for Supply Dropping Parachute Scoured Type 1. Liner inner is attached to the Fly outer
    with the help of tying tapes. Ground Sheet is made from Fabric rubberised for Tent flooring. Eyelets Aluminum Alloy No. 24 are clinched at equal distance at periphery. In addition the following components are
    provided for pitching of the Tents.
    This is a rectangular based tent and is used in snow white and green vegetation terrains in cold climates. Tent can be easily folded and kept in respective Carrying Bag so that it can be carried easily.


    This is conical, circular based tent and is used in snow white and green vegetation terrains in extreme cold climates. Tent can be heated (warmed up) with the help of one Stove Heating.

    This main Tent consists of Fly outer, Inner and Ground sheet. Fly outer is made from cloth cotton closely woven 235 gms D/S (White/O.G.) W.R. 91 cm. This has two doors, two windows diagonally opposite, one chimney hole/sleeve and three cowls, cloth asbestos used in the sleeve to save tent from heat. This Fly is reversible and can be used in snow white areas as well as green vegetation terrains. Liner Inner is made from Cotton Fabric for supply Dropping Parachute Scoured Type 1. Liner Inner is attached to the Fly Outer with the help of tying tapes. Ground sheet is made from fabric rubberized for tent flooring. 66 Eyelets Al Alloy No. 28 are clinched at equal distance on periphery.


    This is used in snow/green vegetation terrain in high altitudes and extreme cold climates for accommodation/office purpose.

    This is a dual shaded, reversible, conical rectangular Tent. This mainly consists of

  • Fly Outer (Made from Duck Cotton 612 gms) D/S, White O.G.
  • Liner inner (Made from Dosooti (Scoured).
  • Walls (This consists of two parts made from double layer of Flannelette Lining     Brown), Fly Outer and Inner Liners are provided with two doors duly curtained and     two ventilators at the top. 12 windows are provided in the Fly Outer, Inner Liner     and both the walls. For covering curtains and frames celluloid panes are provided     for windows and ventilator (optional). Two protectors made from cloth asbestos are     provided for use under the two stoves heating (one under each). Two Poles     standing, One Ridge Pole, 26 Side Poles, 26 Tent Pins Angle Iron and One Hammer     Sledge Double faced 3 kg. are used to install/erect the Tent tensioned with the help     of 26 Guy Ropes.


    To attain zero accident target through laid down safety rules and perpectual endeavour to provide comfortable, hazard-free and clean working atmosphere to the employees.

    This Tent consists of textile decking & Aluminium Alloy frame work, which is constructed by the repeated usage of small no. of components. Outer fly of the Tent is made of single fold of strong WP & RP Canvas and mounted over the Metallic Frame work. Inner fly is made of single fold of Dosootie green which is a strong yet ventile fabric. It is hung inside the Metallic Frame work by means of metal clips with elastic cords. End curtain is made of single fold of a strong waterproof & Rot proof Canvas and is lined on inner side with a fold of Dosootie green. Textile decking is supported by the frame work which is an assembly of Aluminium Alloy components like universal member, Roof pole with three way joints, Four way joints and Three way joints with Base plate. In addition to the above, minor Metal components are also required for pitching of the tent such as Cross Bracings, U' Pin, Angle iron Pins and Carbon Steel Pins.



    Length of the belt 120 cms. Made from Web Nylon Thick 57mm Olive Green. Fitted with Buckle Male and Female for fastening. Two Metallic Slides provided for adjustment. Provided with Velcro to keep the length fixed as per requirement. 23 Eyelets provided for air permeability.

    Used as waist belt with trousers combat.


    Length 20 cms. Width 5 cms. Provided with a loop on the top of back portion for suspending from Belt waist. On the front three horizontal loops - One at the top and two bottoms have been provided.

    Frog Bayonet is used with belt waist for housing bayonet scabbard.


    Made of Fabric Nylon 250 Gms. Polyurethane Coated Disruptive Printed. Open from top with cover fitted with Nylon Tape and Quick Release Buckle. Detachable shoulders straps with rubber foam cushions. Two loops at the back for fitting with belt waist.

    Used with belt waist when used along with pack. Otherwise carried on back or at chest as convenient for carrying articles during combat operations.


    Fitted on the metallic frame of Aluminium Alloy Tube 15mm OD. Open at the top with cover closed by Nylon Tapes and Buckles. Frame secured with pack by means of various Nylon Tapes, Pocket at the top with rubber foam cushions to minimize discomfort while in use. Provided with one front and two side pockets with cover having arrangements for closing. One pocket with Zip under the top cover. Shoulder straps with rubber roam cushion.

    Used :
    To carry articles when moving from one place to another.
    To be fitted on back of the shoulder or carried by hand as convenient


    Hexagonal in shape. Have four pockets to house any type of magazines. Each pocket has two flaps for covering so that magazines do not fall while crawling. Two grenade pockets along with magazine pockets. Two extra grenade pockets on shoulder straps. Velcro provided for quick release. Two secret pockets for carrying maps etc. – at the back and under the magazine pockets. Provided with two long straps for fastening at waist passing over shoulders crosswise. Metal fitting like buckles etc. made from Aluminium Alloy anodized Black. Used for Carrying ammunitions and Grenade during Combat Operations.



    On injury during the war, the personnel who can not move is supposed to be kept away from the hazardous environment and to provide medical aid. The individual is encased fully in the Casualty Bag and is carried for medical aid. It is rectangular in shape.


    During the chemical war if the individual has got some injury and can walk, Casualty Bag Half is very useful for the protection during evacuation from contaminated zone. It is worn from head to knee. For observation and mobility a window of transparent polyester sheet has been provided.

    :. NBC - FACELET

    NBC Facelet is Nuclear Bio-chemical warfare equipment. To avoid casualties form Toxic chemicals & when gases are suspected in low concentration, facelet is put on over the face. It is worn on the nose at once after alarm of chemical attack. Being a breathable store it crates no problem in breathing and seals the outer most part of the nose to minimize leakage of toxic gases. It is adjustable to suit any size of face. It can be put on and taken off very quickly.


    NBC Haversack is a rectangular kit used for keeping respirator mask, Medical kit and detector paper Booklet/Personal decontamination equipment carried by the soldier at the event of NBC Alert. It is attached at the waist of the Individual Fastened with Tape Nylon & Cord Nylon. It is made of waterproof and resistant to toxic chemical fabric.



    This is made from Duck Cotton 475 gms OG. Its bottom is reinforced by additional layer of fabric at bottom and bottom is also reinforced by providing an additional layer of body material. It can be closed with the help of cotton string provided. This is provided with a loop for hanging while not in use.

    Special Feature:
    The overall height of the bag is 89 cms and dia of the bag at the bottom is 30.5 cms.

    This is a general purpose bag to carry personal belongings.

    S. No. Description Existing Bagkit Bagkit Universal O.G.
    1 Colour Olive Green Camouflage
    2 Material Cloth Duck Cotton 475 GSM OG, Non Waterproof Fabric Nylon 250 GSM Disruptive PU Coated.
    3 Design Simple Tubular Shape having an opening on one side. Tubular shape with side opening running along entire length of the bag with plastic slide fastener for closing system.
    4 Service Life Less More


    The Bag Kit Universal (New Pattern) Made of PV Dope Dyed Fabric has been developed from superior quality of material i.e. Fabric 410 GSM Polyester Viscoss Dope Dyed Water Proof Rip Stop OG Colour and using Synthetic Tapes / Webs to withstand Rain/Water as well as better outlook. This bag is similar from presently in use Bag Kit Universal (New Pattern) in size and features. is used.


  • Fabric 410 GSM Polyester Viscoss Dope Dyed Water Proof Rip Stop OG.
  • Tapes Nylon Thick 25 mm, 38 mm & 65 mm O.G.
  • Tape Newar Polyester 25 mm OG.
  • Plastic Slide Fastener Heavy Duty O.G.
  • D- Ring Nickle Plated 38 mm.
  • Buckle Square Plastic Black.


    The Bag Kit Disruptive Waterproof with Stroller (Duffle Bag) is distinctly different from presently in use Bag Kit Universal in size and features. Superior quality of material i.e. Fabric Nylon 315 GSM Disruptive Pattern is used to withstand Rain/Water as well as better outlook. This newly designed bag has got features like easy to use and convenient to carry with trolley.

    Special Features:

  • A Bag with sufficient space to keep personal belonging.
  • Side pockets provided with plastic slide fastener for keeping personal small items.
  • Straps shoulder provided for carrying the bag on the shoulders.
  • Two wider Straps with foam cushion provided for easy carrying by hand also.
  • A Heavy-duty hand trolley with supported platform for easy movement and direction.
  • Camouflage Pattern of Durable Fabric Nylon.

  • For Size 24 Inch - 3.67 Kgs approx with stroller
  • For Size 26 Inch - 3.80 Kgs approx with stroller

    Technical Features:
  • Protection against rain & water
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable.

  • Fabric Nylon Air Texturised Disruptive 315 GSM W.P. P.U. Coated
  • Tapes Nylon Thick/Thin O.G.
  • Plastic Slide Fastener Heavy Duty, Medium Heavy Duty Auto Lock in O.G. Colour
  • Nylon Sewing Thread for Aerospace purpose
  • PE Foam
  • Heavy Duty Hand Trolley

  • :. Tank Fabric Collapsible MK-1

    These tanks are intended for storage of water in the field areas..

    Special Features:

  • 6140 Ltrs : Body – 3600 mm Dia base, Cover – 3500 mm Dia
  • 2300 Ltrs : Body – 2570 mm Dia base, Cover – 2300 mm Dia
  • 230 Ltrs : Body – 914 mm Dia base, Cover – 760 mm Dia

  • Main body is made from canvas flax (tow) with bottom reinforced with duck cotton 610
  • gm. The rim of the tank is provided with pockets filled with Kapok so that the rim floats at
  • any level of water in the tank. The tank is provided with a cover made of canvas flax (tow).


    Gloves are used at extreme cold places to protect hands from wind and snow. There is a provision to take out the index finger of right hand for any action without pulling the glove off.

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